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Дата выхода отчета: 8 Ноября 2010
География исследования: Москва и Московская область
Период исследования: Q3 2010
Количество страниц: 12
Язык отчета: Русский и Английский
Способ предоставления: электронный

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  • Полное описание отчета

    The overview presents the results of the commercial market development in Q3 2010, including the commercial market of Moscow and regions, as well as detailed analysis of the office, retail and hotel real estate market.

    In Q3 2010 the trend of reduction of new properties delivery paces continued – no large high-quality office property was introduced to the market. Thus, the overall volume of high-quality “A” and “B” class office premises remained invariable and amounted to approx 10,5 mln. sq. m. Activity in the market of high-quality office premises rent and purchase remained rather high in Q3 2010, which caused objective reduction of vacancy rate against the background of significant decline of delivery volume. The share of “A” class vacant premises amounted to 15-17%, “B” class premises – 17-20% by the end of Q3 2010. Gradual recovery of the office market is in progress, however, it takes place against the background of still negative trends.  
    During Q3 2010 supply in the professional retail market of Moscow increased by 196, 000 sq. m. due to the opening of “RIO” (Reutov) and “Kluchevoy” RC. During Q3 2010 the recovery of business activity on the part of retail operators could be observed after the period of summer lull: negotiations and transactions were resumed. Nevertheless, it did not lead to considerable growth of rental rates and reduction of vacant space share – these indices are still at the level, reached at the end of H1 2010.

    A new hotel – SK Royal for 170 rooms (developer is “Tashir” GC) was opened in Moscow during Q3 2010. On the whole, the increase of new supply in the hotel market of Moscow amounted to approx 1,900 rooms. In Q3 2010 the index of average daily rate (ADR) stabilized for the lower and middle segments and displayed growth for the upper segment. The main positive result of Q1-3 2010 was the recovery of business demand for accommodation services in Moscow, which was expressed in the growth of occupancy rate and revenue per room for the hotels of the upper segment. 


  • Подробное оглавление/содержание отчёта


    1. Summary………………………………….………………....3
    2. Office real estate. …………………………………………..4
    3. Retail real estate ………………………..…………………..8
    4. Hotels………………………...………………………………11

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  • Real estate market monitoring_December 2010
    RESEARCH AND CONSULTING DEPARTMENT December 2010 REAL ESTATE MARKET More than 900 apartments were offered for open sale in 30 residential complexes in the elite primary market in December 2010. Closed format sales could be observed in several new buildings. “Sadovie Quarters” (Khamovniki district) and “Italian Quarters” (Tverskoy district) complexes formed the largest supply volume in the elite primary market. Their summary share amounts to 45% of the overall supply volume. Buyers’ activity dropped traditionally on the threshold of New Year holidays. The number of requests to Blackwood for the purchase of elite apartments decreased by 40% versus autumn months. Source: Blackwood research and data from open sources New city authorities continue to “develop new stresses of the city-planning policy”: thus, in December, Moscow mayor Sergey Sobyanin made an announcement about the encouragement of office construction beyond the center, in the outlying districts. In general, 2010 brought stability of all the main indices to the office real estate market, it defined the prerequisites towards the further recovery and growth. At the same time one of the main trends of 2010 was the serious slowdown of the new supply delivery rates. Spreadsheet. Some rent transactions in the office real estat…
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    Source: Blackwood research and data from open sources The market remains moderately active from the demand point of view. In October several transactions by office premises rent were concluded, it is notable that the majority of them were concluded for the properties beyond TTR. At the same time the main trends in demand remain “crisis” – the average rentable area is not too large, small blocks measuring up to 100 sq. m. and 101-300 sq. m. are the most liquid. The share of demand for office premises purchase also stays rather high. These trends are reflected in the supply in the market: thus, 40 blocks measuring from 109 to 240 sq. m. are put on sale in new “Newton” BC, which is a part of Nagatino-iland technopark. As far as price indices of the office real estate market are concerned, they remain rather stable. Despite rather active paces of premises absorption and gradual decline of vacant supply level, due to the slowdown of paces of new properties delivery, there is no stable growing dynamics of rental rates and sale prices. Besides, the delivery of more than 500 thous. sq. m. of new area is expected by the end of the year, which will cause vacancy rate growth and, most probably, will prevent prices from growing for some more time. * - hereinafter the rental rates are indicat…
    Q3 2010 6,9 million sq. m. of residential space were commissioned during the first two months of Q3 2010 in Russia. On the whole, 28,5 mln. sq. m. of residential space were commissioned in the country by the results of January-August 2010, which amounted to 96% of the total volume, recorded in the corresponding period of 2009. In Moscow only 932,4 thous. sq. m. of residential space were commissioned during 8 months of the current year (in July- August – 118 thous. sq.m.). Delay in index of residential space commissioning for the corresponding period of 2009 constituted 29% of the commissioned residential space volume, recorded in January-August 2008 – almost 50%. As the result, only 30% of the residential space commissioning plan set for 2010 (3,1 mln. sq.m.) was implemented in the capital by the end of August. As of September 2010 supply volume in the Moscow primary market amounted to a little bit more than 200 properties (1,09 sq. m.), the increase of the corresponding index of June 2010 reached approx 2%. In Q3 2010 the trend of considerable num- ber of new economy-class properties delivery, which was out- lined at the beginning of the year, continued. However, delivery of considerable number of new supply was compensated by sale completion in several properties, as well as fr…
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